Asset Management


We are your source

We list our inventory on all major platforms and indicate what is available. In this fast-changing market, it is essential to disregard companies that do not have the inventory available but act as if they do.

This not only wastes precious time and money but also causes frustration when a part is needed urgently. We have the materials in stock, tagged by quality shops, and available at competitive prices. Please contact sales to check availability.

Let us manage your inventory

Our team has extensive experience in the supply, loan, exchange, and repair of top-quality commercial aircraft components. We provide complete support for Boeing, Airbus, and regional aircraft fleets, utilizing our vast stock of parts.

Advantages of Our Consignment Care Service

• Competitive consignment rates
• Down payment options to make it more interesting for you
• Flexibility in consignment solutions
• We cover all shipping costs incurred
• Free, unlimited recalls available 24/7, 365 days
• Creating immediate valuable storage space
• Immediate creation of valuable storage space
• Active marketing of your inventory
• Segregated area for your consignment material
• Open-door policy for audits
• Monthly sales reports and payments
• Frequent progress meetings with our team
• Full insurance coverage for your inventory